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Historical Documents

Historical Documents Lost in the Telling B Reactor Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) This 191-page document, written by the B Reactor Museum Association, is the official record of B Reactor construction [...]

1943 Memorandum

A fascinating and highly readable historical document, this Memorandum between the United States government and the DuPont company describes the scope of work involved in constructing the entire Hanford Engineer Works.

Hanford Reach

The Hanford Reach National Monument is a unique and biologically diverse landscape, encompassing an array of scientific and historic objects. This magnificent area contains an irreplaceable natural and historic legacy, preserved by unusual circumstances.

Primary Reactions

The Three Primary Nuclear Reactions Inside B Reactor Hank Kosmata explains the three primary nuclear reactions inside B Reactor: Neutron Generation by Atomic Fission Chain Reaction - Neutron Generation Plutonium Production [...]